Monday, October 3, 2016

Tips for Fall Leaf Viewing Travel

Manuel Marquez, MD, stands out as a tour director certified through the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI). Manuel Marquez, MD, is qualified to lead fall foliage tours during the New England leaf-viewing season.

If you are hoping to view some of New England's famous fall foliage, begin by scheduling your trip for late September to the middle of October. This peak season tends to provide the best vistas and the boldest colors, though you will need to carefully plan your route to optimize your viewing experience. Small curving roads tend to provide the most varied scenery, particularly when they wind through woods, villages, and farmland.

Experts suggest planning a trip that includes plenty of opportunities to leave the car, walk around the area, and use as many of your senses as possible. Remember to take time to breathe the crisp fall air and feel the leaves underfoot as you walk, and schedule your excursions so that you can experience the foliage at different times of day. Early morning presents the most vivid colors, while the low light of dusk serves to highlight rich hues.

Finally, be sure to seek out many of the cultural and scenic experiences that autumn in New England offers. These may include outdoor activities such as a hot air balloon ride or zip line tour, though a wine tasting or an amble through a picturesque town can also be an ideal enhancement to your visit.

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